Friday, January 21, 2011


note to self #5: destroy

That rectal thermometer, jack kelly, and his series, "note to self," return to tarnish this website once again. In all honestly, I can't stand that this lowest common denominatoring idiot does better business than me. It's jealously, but justified and not without precedent--I site the case of Giraldo v. Guy.

note to self #6: walken

Had to work in a Christopher Walken pun as needlessly as possible, didn't you? Are you proud of yourself, you fame-sucking slug?

note to self #7: artist

Ooh, you can copy and paste now, aren't you special! Is that some sort of commentary on the increasing legitimacy of art that explicitly builds upon earlier works in this seemingly unending modern age of replication and alteration that insinuates but never actually achieves innovation? Tool bag.

note to self #8: wazzup

Ooh, you can caps lock now, aren't you special! Is that some kind of commentary on...oh, forget it. And stop using peoples' real names, you tacky jerk! Yes, I know every other dude at Yale is named Andrew and every other girl's named Laura, but would it kill you to be a little original for a change?

jack kelly, if you ever ring again...well, this is how it'll shake out.


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