Friday, January 28, 2011


Keep your pants on, Nyao.

Zero Like Me #150:
Friendly Eyes

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Easter Eggs: "Yale" and Avatar: the Last Airbender Water Tribe symbol in panel 4. Today's setting is loosely based on memories of Yorkside Pizza and its lovely but slowly-produced milkshakes.

Fun Facts: Today's comic is the 150th(!), so it's something of a return to our deliciously depressing ZLM roots, which I love dearly (thanks to those readers still sticking around for so long, it means more to me than you could know!). I had fun trying for more expressive eyes and faces by changing my brushes and in fact, this comic was one of the funnest draws in a while.

Baa: I used to eat exclusively at Naples (Wall Street) Pizza in New Haven whenever the dining halls were closed, but sophomore year I discovered Yorkside and found the slices much thicker for the same price, so I switched teams. I ate there so much over Thanksgiving break junior year that I actually (temporarily) lost my appetite for Yorkside pizza! Hecka greasy.

All right. We'll be out of New Haven before you know it. And then spit gets real and we rock and we roll.

Planning some neat stuff, but currently bogged down with commissions! Can't wait to share the freshness.


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