Monday, January 10, 2011


I've reactivated my Fiverr gig, but on an extremely restricted basis. I got swamped with orders last year and had to focus on college, so I suspended my gig. The current plan is to handle gigs in small increments, suspending my gig here and there for more manageable workloads, while working off of the waitlist that I've had since last year.

[Jun '11] Still booked with and focusing on private work,
Going to be tough to do Fiverr draws, but we'll see!

My Fiverr waitlist is long--the wait will be months and months--but I'll contact those users a few at a time until I clear everyone. Private commissions are my primary concern, so they cut straight to the top of my list, and since I work more closely with those clients, they will make the Fiverr wait longer.

To reserve a Fiverr waitlist spot, please send me a Fiverr-mail with "ARCHIVE [your Fiverr name]" in the subject heading and I will add you on. Feel free to describe what you want in your simple, little drawing, as I will place more interesting assignments above boring ones for sure.

Please see this post for a gig FAQ, which details the scope of the gig. If you want anything outside the scope of the gig or you don't want to wait on the waitlist, feel free to commission me to handle it immediately. Those commissions are my first priority, and the wait will be perhaps a weekend or two, depending on what you want and how my schedule looks.

A quick gig breakdown: 1 gig order is a "simple, little drawing," which I define as linework for 1 subject (such as one person shoulders up, one animal head, one simple background, or something). Included is a free background of simple hatching. For color gigs, the free background is a simple tone or two. Additional gig breakdown: +1gig = shades. +1gig = colors for 1 subject. +1 gig = background. +1gig = colors for background.

Please watch my Fiverr News posts for any major updates and watch my Fiverr posts to see my Fiverr pieces as I post them. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or Fiverr-mail me.

Thanks for your interest, support, and patience. Have a this kind of day.


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