Commission Information

Pencil lines and digital paints
Hello! If you would be interested in commissioning a drawing, please email your budget, deadline, and a detailed art description to:

reuxbenart gmail com

Prices are reasonable and flexible but vary depending on the art description and usage. In any case, we will determine the order's terms over email, making sure that everybody is satisfied with the terms up front.  

Non-personal, commercial purposes for the artwork affect pricing to compensate for shifting rights around, but in all cases, unless otherwise specified, I reserve the right to post all artwork online and in portfolios, make prints, and otherwise showcase the artwork, meanwhile respecting any necessary NDAs and copyright information you may require.

Digital "Stavros" sketch
Procedure: After we agree on the price and content, I will send you a non-refundable Paypal bill request and will proceed only after the payment is cleared. At this point, if we agree it is necessary, I begin with rough sketchwork, which I will send to you for feedback and approval before delivering the final draft. I pride myself on following clients' notes quite diligently.

If you prefer, you can even commission me indirectly via Elance, the super organized, freelance-mediating site. The downside to using that site, however, is that it takes a portion of the commission as a service fee, which would inflate the price a bit.

Please do not waste my time asking for free or basically-free art. Send your budget in your initial inquiry so we have a baseline price to start negotiating from.  This is not a game of my guessing what you want to spend and then you walking if I don't hit your number exactly.  Let me know what you're looking to spend and I am confident we can find a way to make any budget work. If you do not send your budget in your initial email, that means you have not read this page carefully, and I will take the liberty to give you an inflated quote.

Pencil lines and shades
Media and subjects include pencil, ink, digital colors, entirely digital artwork; sketches, logos, characters, buildings--anything I can post on this site. Let me know what you want, and if necessary, please have good quality reference materials or descriptions ready for me to work from. I will send you a high quality, flat file and any digital colors will be in flat RGB mode.

Please click around this website for tons of art samples, visit my portfolio, or go straight to some past commissions, portraits, and fan art. I offer a variety of styles and price ranges, so if you see a particular piece anywhere on this site you like, simply point it out and I can create something similar for you!

Simple pencil sketch
Tight pencil lines
Simple digital sketch

Cel shaded figure, painted background
Please don't hesitate
to contact me with any
questions you may have!

From a simple sketch to much, much more,
just let me know what you're looking for!

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