Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The "R" stands for Ron.

Zero Like Me #148:
The Cantabulous Life of Zero Zetsubo Pt.7 -
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" on sidewalk, my trusty cell phone, piggy crest, shout out to Ron, . Today's setting is in front of Porcellian "Skull and Bones of Hahvid" Club.

Fun Facts: The very first time I used Photoshop in a comic, which was coincidentally also my first time incorporating Skull and Bones in ZLM, I also blurred the background a bit--didn't want to let Photoshop become a crutch. Glad that worked out. Also, in the same way that Brad Bird decided to keep a flubbed line in The Iron Giant because it helped establish the disregard for a character (Mansley), I liked "Porcelain" because that's how I kept reading "Porcellian" for the longest time, and it works as a subtle snub by Zero, who is for once not a total loser.

Baa: While at Harvard's 7-11, where I believe I saw the infamous On Harvard Time "Yale" narrator guy buying a Chimichanga, I confirmed my "Harvard Head" theory, which I used to design today's Cantab. The theory is that white dudes with HUUUUUGE heads and Conan-coiffed hair are likely Harvard guys; that's what a "Harvard Man" looks like and I saw plenty of them. Peripherally, I'm rereading my Animorphs collection, and I lol'd when one alien was described as sounding "like he graduated from Harvard," because it's such a meaningless description. But my hunch is that either it means he sounds like a borderline special ed Kennedy or he sounds British, which is how we US dunces think "smart" people sound.

In any case, that description was comically useless. Like me!


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