Friday, January 7, 2011


Loose lips sink ships, lip syncs ship losers.

Zero Like Me #147:
The Cantabulous Life of Zero Zetsubo Pt.6 -
Delicious Sedition
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" on the floor, Eliot and Leverett crests on the Harvoids. Today's setting is our final stay at Harvard's lovely Leverett JCR.

Fun Facts: So while I was camping out at Lev, I overheard two Crimson managing editors (MEs) talking shop over Sunday brunch. My news-blue heart went out to them because they were talking about how much Crimsonites just aren't that into their paper. It was depressing to me because if they're anything like YDNewsies, they devote pretty much their entire college existences to the paper for at least a couple semesters, and they're not even enjoying it? Only art is worth that kind of torture. Kidding. Not really...Maybe.

Baa: So there was a bunch interesting little gossipy things that will remain in my moleskine, BUT they did have a funny discussion about the Crimson's blog. "I would like us to be more edgy," said one ME, like he was describing the ideal drapes to place in his room. He also mentioned that 40% of their revenue comes from ads...I wonder if that's a lot. I remember the Herald was in bad shape and they were sorta playing 13 Days with the YDN, until I believe the YDN figured out the Herald was frontin' on them about how secure they were financially. But that was like back when old man Everett was just breaking in his chair at 202, so who knows how things have changed.

Anyway, there are these "councils" that apparently maintain a strict alcohol ban, so while discussing ways to make their club less insufferable for staffers, one ME let slip my favorite quote from the meeting (aside from the one in the comic): "I'm a big fan of a fun czar!" They want to get a guy specifically in charge of facilitating fun. It sounds kinda silly to force fun upon people, but I believe the Record made a similar decision some time ago.

I can wrap my head around a militantly grogless organization because while I was talking to that Harvard guy I learned that they seriously don't let freshmen drink: he literally laughed out loud incredulously when I told him about my Freshman Year roommate's alcohol-induced vomit flooding the entrance to our basement suite one night (he laughed at the freshman-has-booze part, as opposed to the chunk-spewing part).

Ok, one more trip to Harvard. Oh, the excitement.


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