Monday, January 3, 2011


Rusty door hinges help ensure that Harvard is literally hard to get into.

Zero Like Me #146:
The Cantabulous Life of Zero Zetsubo Pt.5 -
Zero + Massachusetts
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" on sleeve, the '85-founded Crayon, ancient Japanese cinema shout out, Nyao's old shirt, Zuko-esque mark, visual butt pun. Today's setting is Harvard's Leverett House Junior Common Room, today's guest star is Alexis Blight.

Fun Facts: This comic is actually based on true events! Leverett's JCR doors are so insanely difficult to open that you basically have to lunge and lean all your weight into pushing them open. I eventually gave up trying to open the doors like a normal human and just started essentially falling into them.

So I was going for the door one time when a split second before I began my little leap-lean to push my weight into the door, a girl on the other side pulled it open, and I had to catch myself quickly before something unfortunate happened! So the crisis illustrated in today's comic was averted, but oh, how the embarrassment lingered! And that's how we write comics!

Baa: I don't want to go into too many details, but it is getting dicey...I will strive to keep the comicsing dream alive, but I fear I may soon have to resort to napping. It really just comes down to how the money stuff works out, since that's bigger than me and dreamzorzz1!!1! right now. Staying optimistic and hatching plans but I don't want to be unrealistic. Any millionaires out there? Send help.

Also, Happy New Year. Tried a new design on the site...jury's still out.


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