Monday, November 29, 2010


Where dance meets stick up.

Zero Like Me #145:
The Cantabulous Life of Zero Zetsubo Pt.4 -
Undone (The Sweater Comic)
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3, The Purple Crayon (Ex!t Players ref unintended!), Suburban Glamour pixie logo, my childhood/bay area phone number, Nyao dancing in the bg. Today's setting is sorta Harvard's Leverett House JCR, but they don't really go all out like this setting up parties (Go-Go-Gadget Creative License)...

Fun Facts: Today's comic is based on a story one of my suitemates told me Freshman Year (I assume he called her back, though). So this is my spin on that story plus my chance to finally get to do a Batman Beyond-y club scene.

Baa: I actually can't stand the "Sweater Song" as sung by Weezer...really wish I could pick up their last couple of albums, though. Then again, I'd prolly rather pick up Phonogram and Suburban Glamour though; for someone whose work I've never actually read, I'm a huge fan of Jamie McKelvie.

I couldn't settle on Nyao's line reading for the longest time, resulting in several unused versions of her sitting around, resulting in an opportunity to practice designing stuff.


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