Wednesday, January 26, 2011


note to self #12: "the crying game"

note to self by jack kelly returns to Removal, like the incurable disease it is. Didn't you get the memo, jack kelly, you insensitive tool, jokes about suicide are NOT COOL. Stop pouting and saying that anyone who kills themselves simply gave up and deserves no sympathy when others fully take on life's suffering every day and learn to deal with it. No, suicide is not a luxury of the rich and lazy, you jerk, how can you say such a thing?! jack kelly, just shut your mouth and draw some more comics.

note to self #10: "how to argue like a girl"

jack kelly, you gender-biased pig! How dare you assert that an argumentative double standard exists for women! Why, just for that, if I were a chick, I'd slap you right now, splash a drink in your face, and then have the bouncer throw you out for being disorderly.

note to self #9: "cult without the e"

That's more like it, you washed-up has-been. Does it burn? Good. Just keep on dancing, like the urine-soaked, valueless little monkey you are, and just hope that somebody throws a coin in your hat, if only out of pity for the shriveled wretch they see before them.

note to self #11: "third world ivy"

I hope you realize that is an insult to third world countries, you idiot. The last thing we need is hate mail from Ethiopia.


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