Friday, January 14, 2011


"rock and droll pt.1 - thoughts"

That urine-soaked ignoramus jack kelly has returned...he has demanded that he get his own posts on my website. Like Jay Leno's deathgrip on NBC, jack kelly's got substantial leverage on me such that I cannot afford the repercussions of his firing, so I must cede him space...for now.

"rock and droll pt.2 - fandango"

So welcome (back) to jack kelly's series "note to self," back from the steaming pile of ashes that were/are the Yale Herald's comics page. If you are unfamiliar with jack kelly, and I hope you are, jack kelly is like the Tyler Perry of post-it-based comics: seemingly everywhere, obscenely prolific, and inexplicably more popular than me.

"rock and droll pt.3 - tweet spot"

So he is relaunching here on Removal after his countless post-its tickled the collective fancy and disgust of Yalies with this four-part run of "comics" called "rock and droll," which were inspired after I made the error of opening up to him by sharing my favorite band, My Chemical Romance, with that yellowy stick-disfigured freak.

"rock and droll pt.4 - all swell"

So there you go, jack kelly, was it worth it? Did you put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it?

Get out of my sight.


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