Friday, April 1, 2011


Maybe next time you'll think twice about being so poor you can't afford better service, n00b.

Zero Like Me #159:
CT Lame-O


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3. Every room I've ever occupied while at Yale in panel 1. Jansport spoof and 30E in panel 2. Today's setting is still just outside of Phelps Gate.

Fun Facts: CT Limo is a shuttle service company that takes people and their luggage to and from the airport. It is indeed expensive, but it's the only game in town to get you to Bradley on the "cheap." Only rich kids, kids with car-access, and those not going to Bradley have alternative choices.

Baa: Although my very last experience with CT Limo was actually quite enjoyable, pretty much every single other time it's been some shade of nightmare. The drivers are always grumpy and decrepit and they act as if we woke them up in the middle of the night and sprung it on them that we need a ride to or from the airport in a couple hours, and that they'll have to miss that Matlock marathon they were planning on enjoying.

It's your job, CT Limo geezer, now stop complaining and throw out your back with a SMILE. And since I'm paying you to do this job, stop acting like I'm some kind of inconvenience for you. Just be happy I don't have any idea how to sue you for mashing up my luggage and that CT Limo's phone operators are only ever available long enough to tell me that they have no idea where you currently are, but are positive that you're "on the way."

My favorite CT Limo story involved a Yale Footballista. It was snowing and a literal mob of shivering Yalies were waiting for a CT Limo bus--keyword "bus"--to take us to Bradley Airport. A CT Limo vehicle showed up an HOUR LATE, and it was only a 5-person van. The crypt-keeping driver popped out and asked "JFK? Who's going to JFK?" One person from the mob scuttled forth and was promptly seated to be whisked away.

As the white-washed turdmobile shambled away, a burly footballer packed a clump of snow together with his gruff, bare hands and chucked the sizeable snowball at the van as it farted off into the distance. The mob laughed at the satisfying thud of snowsplat on window. And then we realized we were still cold and not on our way to the airport and we became sad again. But when our bus finally did arrive about half an hour later, at least we didn't get refunds or any sort of compensation!

I chanced upon that same footballigan a year later on yet another CT Limo adventure, and breaking my inclination to avoid conversations with strangers, I told him that I never forgot and always appreciated what he did. I still do. He lol'd.


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