Monday, April 11, 2011


Don't kid yourself, it's about to suck a lot more now.

Zero Like Me #161:
Light Truth


Easter Eggs: "Yale" and Southwest Airlines in panel 1. Fb01! CT Limo is an awful shuttle service with zero regard for its customers and does not deserve to continue existing. Today's setting is the truly lovely Bradley Airport.

Fun Facts: This background went pretty quickly! Usually lots of straight lines can get tedious, especially incorporating sweeping curves, but it went pretty all right. Maybe I'm getting faster.

Baa: I was basically at Southwest's mercy during college. They have this airfare scholarship for hispaniards, so they essentially sponsored my travel to/from Yale for a couple years, so I rode exclusively with them the years I won tickets. I ended up really liking Southwest for not showing movies--it forces you to be more productive without distractions, so I'd draw on my plane rides if there was space, or write and rock out, or at the very least kill some podcasts.

One time, I literally camped out in Bradley Airport over night just because that was the cheapest plane ticket and I didn't want to spring for a cab or hotel or anything that would cost more money. Being poor sucks. But at least you get to hate rich people. No, I mean like, haaaate rich people.

No sleep till New Haven,


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