Monday, April 4, 2011


Time for payback--this time it's personal.

Zero Like Me #160:
Microwave-Bathtub Dreams


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1, FB01 in panel 2. This sequence spoofs that one scene from Jurassic Park, which was coincidentally directed by the father of a Yalie who shares a name with today's guest star, Theodore Rex! Absolut may or may not be the beverage depicted. Today's title is a riff on Jinjin's YDN comic's title, Space-Bathtub Dreams. Theodore Rex chases the blues away.

Fun Facts: We were short a comic one Herald production night, and I remembered this freshman drew an amazing comic at Comics Club earlier that night. After suggesting we use it for the issue, we debuted Jinjin as a comicser with a photo of the chalkboard comic she drew! She's been rocking the Yale comics scene ever since. I might have also gotten her into Yale illustration back when I asked her to join me in drawing for the freshly minted Penny Dreadful magazine, come to think of it. I thought she was great back then, but looking at what she can do now? Incredible.

Baa: Although I sometimes get a bit down on myself when I see a highly skilled peer artist, Jinjin's one of a few who I have complete admiration for without jealousy. Though she may seem unassuming, she's an absolute titan in my eyes--she's like Toph from Avatar; gag comic strips, narrative full-page comics, illustration, graphics, she does it freaking all and freaking well. I hope so much that she pursues art, she's the very best at Yale, no question.

This one's for you, Jinjin. Immense respect. Your fan,


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Jinjin said...

Reuben!! This is amazing! I'm so honored.