Monday, April 25, 2011


Drop it like it's hot (and steaming).

Zero Like Me #163:
Deux of the Plainswalkers


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3. FB01, 30E. War Priest of Thune plus one of my favorite Plains (Greg Staples, Champions of Kamigawa). Today's setting is still Bradley Airport. (Will we ever get outta here? Kinda!)

Fun Facts: I love Magic, so it was fun thinking of what kinda decks Z might have on him for them to play with in order to justify the two drop Nyao would play. The criteria were that it had to be a two drop with a weird- and funny-sounding name that reeked of RPG-flavored nerdiness to non-Magic playing ears and that was Standard as of Spring 2010. The other discriminators were that it had to be mono-white, and solidly playable in a budget white-weenie constructed deck, but it had to be capable of being misplayed by a beginner, and it had to be kinda unimpressive too, since it's Z's deck after all.

I thought about making it reflect Nyao, so I was thinking Mirrodin's own flying cat Leonin Skyhunter, but that name was more weird than funny. I really wanted Squadron Hawk even though it wasn't out by Spring '10 because the name is goofily hilarious, the card is common, and it's actually tier 1! But since it wasn't out as of Zero's graduation, he wouldn't have had it. In any case, I concluded that while it's funny sounding, it's not hardcore nerdy/D&D-sounding. So I went with the nerdy/funny-sounding War Priest of Thune, which is likely misplayed here since there's no enchantment to destroy as it resolves.

Baa: I won the very first tournament I ever played in thanks to my drafting about 3 Nezumi Cutthroats and going to town with fear.

Wow. As I was writing this week's Fun Facts, I just realized War Priest of Thune is also an M11 original, like Squadron Hawk, so I guess I screwed up continuity anyway--neither card would have been out when Z graduated. Tough beats.


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