Friday, May 6, 2011


I Obama your Jace. Scoop?

Zero Like Me #164:


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. FB01 and 30E. Today's setting is still Bradley Airport, boo. Today's guest star is Vindicate.

Fun Facts: I wrote this comic on Monday after a meeting with Mr. Steve Breen, but I decided a more direct Obama tribute in the Sick Little Suicide model was in order, so I ran that instead of this comic, since this strip would actually benefit from being delivered a little later than immediately, since it's about effective slowness anyway.

For those that don't know, Vindicate is a powerful removal card in Magic, but as a three-cost "sorcery," it's a little slower than the ideal 1-2 cost "instant" cards Spikes--psychographical Magic nomenclature of hyper-competitive players--aim for, but the trade-off is that Vindicate literally destroys pretty much anything that doesn't have explicit protection from some aspect of it. It's also a multi-colored, black-and-white spell, so in that respect it's like Obama in that it took a while to resolve, but this biracial butt-kicker took down a frickin' planeswalker!

Baa: I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all those webcomics that combine current events, politics, Magic: the Gathering, AND Yale culture! Ugh! Can't people think of anything original for a change?! Yes we can!

In any case, now you know one of the main reasons why I call this site Removal: removal is my favorite sort of Magic card. I like big, crafty creatures, but I love removal, too, particularly of the black persuasion.

The ORIGINAL name of this site was actually "Topdeck Reux," but that quickly changed because nothing's lamer than a site named after the person, especially something as gut-gurglingly horrific as "[Name]'s Blog."

The reason for the goofy .gif here is a result of me working on this comic and using a color reference from a previous comic and noticing that the two layers worked together humorously. So there you go.


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