Friday, May 13, 2011


So grounded, so high.

Zero Like Me #165:
Suspend Two


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. FB01 and 30E. Badsport backpack, Batman shoutout. Today's setting is still Bradley Airport, but not for long...

Fun Facts: Suspend is a mechanic in Magic that makes spells take longer to resolve, but at alternative (usually reduced) prices to play them, and that's kind of the metaphor for modern life, isn't it? Anyway, in the spirit of "suspend," I'll be suspending this comic strip while I prepare for Comic-Con 2011. I also need money, so I have to dedicate more time to some big commission work that just came in, as well as work on some non-comics art that I'm excited about. But, and perhaps most exciting, as a part of my SDCC prep, I've also got to get cracking on some sequentials! It's been a while since I did pages, though...hope I still remember how to get down.

Baa: Money is more about immediacy than anything else: if you can afford to pay for it, things can happen more precisely as you wish than otherwise (in terms of execution or expediency or whatever your particular criteria are) but if you can't afford it, then things take more circuitous routes to happen, if they ever do happen at all. And if they do happen, then perhaps not to your ideal specifications. Time bequeaths you the presently inaccessible facility to quell wants, a facility which is usually quantified in terms of dollars either directly (cash) or indirectly (influence).

So without money, you wait and hope everything shakes out, meanwhile you strive to make such out-shaking so. But if you do have money, you basically get what you want, how you want. Which is why I hope to be rich some day: to help other people to do good, especially artists and educators. There's nothing worse than rich money-hoarders (ever see Chinatown?). Assuming you could even justify buying one in the first place, how big does your yacht really have to be anyway?

But then again, maybe wealth is where it's at.


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