Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm a big Adrian Simon fan (obviously), and each of his albums gets progressively better. His latest(ish) album is called Glitter and Bones and my favorite song from that album is called "Glitterbug," which has an excellent cameo by Yale Record alumnus Vincent Price '33(?).

Unfortunately, he retired the album and you can't download it anymore, but hopefully you already have your copy safe and/or sound. In any case, I wanted to add some storyboards to my portfoolio so I thought it'd be an excellent excuse to mock up a music video for "Glitterbug." So here we go.

The action starts with a close up of the Glitterbug, which has markings that are a reference to the Eclectic Chair logo. We pull out to see an explosion go off, forcing the Glitterbug to give flight while a curious kerfuffle develops in the blurry background.

Next the Glitterbug flies out of camera, we watch some unintelligible background noise, and then the Glitterbug reemerges to begin a scene wipe. A dramatic scene wipe.

And that covers about 14 of 306 seconds of film!

I wonder when we'll meet our hero...


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