Friday, August 26, 2011


Does this count as fan art? I miss pizza. I had what they called "Japanese Pizza." It wasn't so great...kinda gross.

Anyway, I drew a bunch of grub for an English lesson on ordering food. This was my first time using markers since elementary school. I think it went pretty well. The kids loved it!

I wonder what that sketch peeking out at top is, though...



Pete Martin said...

I miss pizza too.

Reuxben said...

I can't claim to compete with New York, or even New Haven pizza, but I discovered a place not 24 hours ago that kicks a large quantity of butt in terms of quality with regards to pizza preparation. And it's sold in a log cabin right alongside menu-mates that include pancakes, french fries, and tea.

Hope you're rocking your fantasy drug cartel league,