Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This is our February ALT Poster. This month we highlight my favorite love songs, if you can call them that. From groups like Reuben, RADWIMPS, Fall Out Boy, and Motion City Soundtrack. Plus I teach Japanese kids depressing love-related words like "dump," "cheat," and "break up." Don't worry they prolly don't get it. Maybe.

These are some detail shots of our below the fold pages: A walk-through of how to feel like a loser on Valentine's Day when nobody in class gives you jack. And a close up of our music section.

And here's the progress shot of our anchor image. I really tested out my Copics for the first time. Man it felt nice to be semi-painting with those things! But color's a whole new dimension to work in, as usual...

March's poster's looking even Copic-ier, though...!


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