Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This is the very last run of homework sketches for the year, and fortunately it was with one of my more playful classes, so a bunch of homeworks had drawings on them for me to riff on.

One kid drew a princess; one kid drew an otaku/nerd sorta picture; and one kid drew what looked like a random doodle between both ending edges of their homework so when combined they make a Mad-Magazine-like fold-in, so I tried something similar--it's an incredulous and surprised dude when combined.

So the kids are fond of drawing poop, so I made a cute little poop to go with their textbook definition of cute poop.

One kid wrote about the family rules he will have for his future runts, and he says he want to prohibit video games, hence my horrified little sketch for him.

Last we've got some jams from my elementary school visits. On the right is an amalgam of different One Piece characters the kids shouted out for me to draw. The idea was for me to make the simplest evocation of the prompted character, all starting with a smiley face.

The last drawing is of Nami from One Piece. They didn't actually want me to draw her, they just wanted me to draw not expecting that. It was a little girl who kept whining for me to draw them, but just to mess with her and her pals, I took all session to draw Nami's head. The kids then went in and drew everything below the collar bone. And they also drew me. on the left and right. Either that or Spongebob.

All in a day's work.


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