Monday, May 14, 2012


The jKids wrote a lot about ghosts for what "surprises" them.  A couple of them mentioned horror movies.  But mostly ghosts (and even one or two obake). 

I trolled a kid who doesn't like English with images of a Zebra, coco, and something sunny, which are all Japanese things with English names.

One girl likes hamburgers so she gets a cheesy burger. 

But a lot of ghosts.

That long-necked rokurokubi is one of my least favorite yokai in Japanese lore, so I tried to draw an appealing one as a personal challenge. Did I succeed? Who cares.

As for what makes them sad, one kid wrote about getting his heartbroken after confessing his love, so I illustrated his tale of woahhh in a 5 cent comic.

But a lot of ghosts.

And Stitch for some reason.


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