Friday, August 5, 2016


Another summer postcard, this was my fourth one, the only one fully-illustrated. This scan, even after color adjustments doesn't quite pick up the deep blues in pieces,unfortunately.

For reference, here's the camera version, where that richer deep blue of the shirt and ocean really come through.

Inking this was pretty relaxing. I'm still tickled how calm I am inking, when I distinctly remember being so stressed about it in the early days. Maybe I'm not even remembering that correctly.

The background was quite improvised...I just wanted to hit that pose, and I nearly gave up on it because it just wasn't coming together. It's a form of self-hatred I do, when I just brute-force bash my head against a drawing until it gets in the general area I'm looking for.

The thumbnail was fun to do, and it flowed pretty easily, which was upsetting when I found the actual drawing to be so difficult. I wanted to do something with depth via pointing, so I just knew the pose I wanted, but left the background open, which I wasn't even sure I was going to do anything with. I figured I should do at least one full drawing in the set, so I just went with some kind of islandy vibe.


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