Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I have a really hard time saying no to people...long story short, I ended up going to a dinner Monday night. I rarely eat with people...probably once or twice a year, always under duress. I tend to turtle-up considerably in group settings. I need an "objective" like playing Magic or drawing in order to be able to handle being around people.

But on the plus side, there were some kids with us so I offered to draw them a torn alter token since I happened to have brought my portable art kit with me (what luck!). They were down and asked me to draw a zombie.

I peeled the spare OGW token as carefully as I could during the infinitely long night-time stroll to the restaurant, and drew during most of dinner. There was no dessert. The brothers, maybe 10 and 8 at most, also did some sketches, too; we all drew zombies. One kid tried mimicking my construction circles, but I'm pretty sure he didn't quite understand what that was about, haha! He drew some bubbly zombies! Stuff like that makes me happy, just making people happy with art, just like the old days.

Didn't get a chance to snap anything more than the final image, unfortunately, but I did pencil this first. Other than that, I used the usual process of ballpoint inks to Copic colors (just had grays on me), though my T-7 randomly exploded...I don't get why Copic explosions keep happening...I was going to go in with white Signo anyway, so no real harm, just a little alarming. I also got to use my shiny silver glitter pen on the zombie's head, so it sparkles a little when you move it around.

They didn't realize I was drawing this literally for them, so they were so happy when I gave them the card! They don't play card games at the moment, it seems, but hopefully they give it a shot some day.

The food was a tough chew--cold spaghetti?! Why would you do that?--but fortunately Japanese french fries remain fantastic as usual. I just wish there weren't that everybody-shove-your-hands-into-communal-serving-dishes culture in JP dining, though. The water was excellent. Decor, top notch.


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