Friday, March 24, 2017


I'm trying to force myself to paint quicker and be less precious overall, and at the same time, I have been itching to do some King Falls AM fan art, so everything converged into this concept of Emily Potter upon returning from the Rainbow Lights. It's not necessarily an illustration of any particular scene, but just a mood piece.

This "brutal" coloring technique is basically just about quickly flatting over lines and then going to overpaints as soon as possible. I recently saw these lines scrolling through my files, which kinda reminded me of Emily Potter, so everything seemed set to try this more reckless coloring technique at long last.

King Falls of course is a podcast of broadcast clips from a small-town radio station. It holds a special place in my heart because I came across it just when I moved to small town, myself, so the main(?) character Sammy Stevens' situation resonated with me quite a bit, as he too just moved to his own little, colorful town.

Man, I wanna say there were only like 15 episodes at most when I first got into the show--yeah, I remember Storm Sanders being introduced in one of my first "live" episodes, so I guess there were only 14 episodes? I vaguely remember Kingsie being discussed early on, so maybe they were up to 21? Anyway, they're now up to 49! It was so cool seeing how everything started clicking together, when at first it felt like a Ben 10 or Secret Saturdays sorta "creature of the week" vibe, which was already cool enough for me.

I started listening to the show off of an Imgur post compiling podcast recommendations, and this one landed when many others on the list didn't because the production was simply outstanding, the music was incredible, and the story hit just right given my recent move to Nowhere-shi, Japan. Plus the characters, especially Emily Potter and the hosts, were quite charming together and evocative of a larger, inhabitable world.

The trick with the show was/is that you kinda have to let episodes accumulate so you can marathon them, otherwise, it's way, way, way too easy to miss references on the normal twice-a-month posting schedule. My initial ~15 episode marathon was crucial to hooking me, because I was able to get invested in how things starting linking up beyond just the neato-ness of each episode. But realistically, I'm not sure I would have been able to engage with the show as deeply if I was waiting for each episode. In the early days, it was usually a matter of "can't wait till the next Emily episode," which then gave way to "can't wait to see how this all clicks together." So after my most recent marathon, I'm now fully caught up again (as of 5/4/17, Ep. 49), but the thing is, they just hit a really interesting twist, so now for the first time, I kinda want to be current, if only so I don't accidentally hit any spoilers...

Related, I was working on a more serious fanart piece, and wouldn't you know it, the most recent episode kinda spoiled the theme--I was kinda hoping it'd fade from the forefront of popular memory. Anyway, as for today's piece, it's prolly my very favorite character, Emily P. I was always pumped when she was on the show in the early episodes, and again she was instrumental in making me a fan of the show itself. So this was kinda inspired by her recent return to the show, hence the starry night and rainbow lights. Pretty excited to see where they go next.

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