Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Man, it's been overcast the past day or so, and then it actually started raining today (5/6/17)! It's been raining all day, in fact, complete with a chilly winter/fall vibe. Thus, I felt the urge to draw something rainy.

I've been trying get the idea of scale into my art, and so I was just sorta swirling the stylus around and this ocean weasel guy sorta emerged from the shapes.

I find I fall back on drawing oceans a bit too frequently, and I surmise that it must be because it feels pretty forgiving, and you get to be especially loose, but also tight on colors and details at will.

Anyway, I also strove to be more care-free with my adjustment layers and masks, so I'd say it was a nice, little experiment and wonderful conclusion to a wonderful, rainy day--first happy day in a while, though not without some teary moments owing to some political talk...

Not normal,


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