Monday, March 6, 2017


Missed the last bus home, so I had to spend the night at a Sukiya, which is like, McDonald's : Burgers in US :: Sukiya : curry and rice in Japan. But I like Sukiyas. They're open 24 hours, and you can usually find them near enough to train stations, so I like to camp out there if I ever need somewhere to crash, like in the old days during Pre-Release weekends, or that time I helped host Rob Alexander.

Usually you just buy anything and you're able to hang out as long as you like, so I'd even spend days sketching in there after my old day job rather than have to go all the way back home. So plenty of nostalgia already of old snowy days in the warm company of cheese curry, which is the only way I can handle the spicy stuff (hate spicy food, but what else are you gonna order there? Besides the ice cream/pudding).

I even have a phantom nostalgia, it's kind of a family place, so the ad posters on the wall and the kids' section of the menu have all these happy families, so I imagine what it must be like to be a kid in Japan who gets to go to this place, so excited, with the whole family to chow down on this wacky, wonderful food. They even plant a little flag in your rice if you're a kid! I imagine myself as the dad and as the kid in the ads. As a dad, I would especially love to take my kids to this place as a surprise, just as we have fond memories of being pulled from school early on our birthday to get treated to McDonald's or Burger King, just me and the kid. As a kid, how great must it be on any occasion to come to this bright, exotic place, where the food seems endless and you get ride in the car and head into the big city to hang out with the fam. The pudding spoon even looks like Snoopy sometimes.

Anyway, this particular Sukiya I stayed at didn't let me sleep, though, so I was really loopy while drawing this. I noticed the napkins had a really ruff texture to them, so I tried smearing my pencil shades and got this neat blurry effect. Finally made it to 5am so I could head back to the station to catch the bus home.

Not normal,


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