Friday, July 28, 2017


Ah! At long last, our little ring mountain painting is done!

I've been working on this for the past two weeksish (feels like forever), after having started the rough base sketch a few months ago, after being inspired by the Algen "mood paintings" concept.

The idea here was to do a "major" landscape from imagination using only Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush (flat yet expressive), after having done a couple of "major" pieces with photo reference.

My goal was a sorta futuristic landscape with natural bridges to push the scene's fantasy. And yes, I fell into the water trap, but I love drawing water, man, it's so freeing. And the rock formations were also a lot of fun to sprinkle in there.

While I drew everything with the flat SAUB, I did want to see how it would look with a few blurs and RGB shifting, so that's why the final version has some of that, but otherwise, all flats, one layer. I did make some edits like ajusting some spikes' angles, but merged them into my main layer. The foreground ring is the only other layer, since it felt like I needed a darker value there.

Not normal,


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