Friday, July 7, 2017


Here is Vicky Vasquez in a tank in a field studying a map of some sort.

I actually wanted to do a painting study with no linework, however not limited just to my usual SAUB, but my KNKL Chalk Brush, though I ended up using my Helen Chen Brush for the grass and tank texture. It started as a mood study of a tank, not a strict copy (just going for a similar mood), but then Vicky replaced the vague human figure in the study for more personalization.

I'm a big fan of illustrations that show characters on their off hours, the more non sequitur the better, so this felt like a great opportunity to just put Vicky in a quite random situation. So when she isn't reporting, maybe she's off driving a tank looking for treasure or something.

While I tried to keep this as one-layer as possible I ended up using just a few since the point was to keep it simple, but not add endless hours for unnecessary difficulty of adjusting this but not that, senseless repainting, etc. I'm feeling better about this, and I do credit the SAUB single-layer studies to being able to make this judgment. I guess it's like learning long division before you can earn the right to use a calculator.

This is the original version to the Dailies, but I didn't like how the cloud formation break made it seem like the gun was firing. While I was remodeling the clouds, I made a point to try applying some value stuff I'd learned to make the composition flow a little better, same with the bottom grass getting darker and snaking more blatantly to the tank.

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