Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm Uncomfortable And They're Making Me Do This
The Art of Reuxben

JE Basement Gallery
5/8/2010 - 5/10/10

260+ Pieces of Artwork

The COMPLETE Zero Like Me
The COMPLETE Sick Little Suicide
The COMPLETE Darling Find
The COMPLETE Quarters Crisis
The COMPLETE Monsta Crash
the complete, uncut, and expanded note to self by jack kelly

Escape! 2 Cover
Escape! Issues 1 & 2
Select Lighter Light
Comics Club Posterboard 2010
Record Animal Issue [magazine]
Record Interior Cover: Murakami
Penny Dreadful Issue [magazine]
The COMPLETE Doggie Mojo

ZLM Goes to Oxford (Scene Special)
Select ZLM Paraphernalia
JE People Drawings
Reed's Comic
Fan Note
Enemy Note
JE IMs Poster
Sandy Gill Affair Poster, Orig.
Unfinished Suicide
Oz Character Design Packet
SUGARY DRINKS [installation]
Sophomore Poetry Corner
Herald Proof Page
Penny Dreadful Interiors
Record Interiors

Select Guest Art
-jack kelly
-Anonymous Fan
-Anonoymous Enemy
-Howard Dean

"I thought you said you weren't having an official opening!"

"I know, I didn't...people just showed up."

Thank you to everyone who showed up.
Thank you to everyone who signed up for a book.

I am happy to have made you happy.
I am happy to have made you sad.
I am happy to have entertained.

It wasn't as uncomfortable as I was hoping for.


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