Friday, May 21, 2010


It is with great pride and joy I officially announce:

Nobody Knows Who The Funk Reuxben Is.

Advance copies are OUT NOW for people on the reserve list from the class of 2010 only, since it's a more time-sensitive case to get them their books. So if you are 2010, you should be getting your book soon. Just be sure--if you haven't already--to email or call with details on how/when/where to make the delivery! And preferably don't be in a crowded place for the delivery, I get sheepish(er) like that.
Anyway, this was a huge undertaking and I literally lived in the JE computer lab for a couple of weeks hurrying to get this and my other final Yale projects wrapped. When the proofs came in Wednesday, that was the first night in a good while that I slept in my room and on a bed, rather than at my library desk or on two library chairs facing each other.

There are still some unreserved copies left for anyone who wants them and you are certainly still welcome to write me for your free copy, but the volumes that are in at present are kinda limited to just 2010s, unless it's a spontaneous sorta thing, or if you will not be here in the fall. The non-2010 copies will be in on Monday and while I can deliver them until Tuesday, after the 25th you can pick up your copy at the JE Dean's office starting this fall.

Special thanks to the great and powerful Loide for her help with the book design. And thank you for helping make this possible! And ironic!


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