Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Notable Quotable: [Tues, 5:44am] this book might not happen if prep takes 2 long...srsly, wanna assist? plz email!

Continued from Monday, it's more bookwatch; since I don't have the Twitter (I'm not sure if it's even worth getting at this point since I'm no longer relevant to Yale and not yet to the World), I'll use this post to keep track of updates on the collected comics book, which is Coming Soon(TM). So...

Currently:#ZLM is now wrapped! All 111 plus the special editions, previously only available online, plus the revamped #HeraldFinale and more! Now I finally get to shower, brush my teef, then it's essay time. And then we start loading up the JE gal'ry then start scanning in the special features. See you , @SpaceCowboy!
Listening to: The Roots cuz the guns are finally drawn.

Currently: Just got back from Tyco--the books will be in THURSDAY at the earliest, so 2011 and younger people will have to wait till fall semester to pick up their copies. 2010 people...I will look into mailing these out or tracking you down over our remaining time in #Paradise, shouldn't be too big a problem. This weekend's gallery show will be a preview of the book, then. I'll still include rarities and cool stuff I may or may not include in the book for legal reasons (if you come, I will tell you the TRUE stories behind the stuff, but you have to promise to keep it our secret). On the bright side, since it's no use gunning the book prep to get the books in by Monday, I will be able to make this thing extra nice, with all the features I envisioned. So the plan is fin scanning #ZLM, write my last essay, then start scanning in special features.
Listening to: Cake cuz "friend" is a four letter word.

Currently: #zlm102 is in. Another huge favorite of people's. I like it too. I wrote it back in May last year, so it's also one of my oldest comics. I created @AlexisBlight for the very purpose of being in this comic. Almost done with the #ZLMs!
Listening to: Cake cuz the singer should be really unappealing but isn't for some reason.

Currently: 100 down...11 to go...but first pass out time is now.
Listening to: At the Drive-In cuz that's some raw energy.

Currently: Dude, #zlmzr19 took forever...
Listening to: Bloc Party cuz it seems like bands I start listening to break up soon after--Over It, ELLEGARDEN, The Matches, The Ivy League etc...

Currently: Now into the last full month! Almost done! I hope I'll have time for the special features...! Also, just realized I haven't heard anything about the yearbooks coming are we supposed to get our yearbooks?
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz they played Toads once and I almost got to meet them, but I had homework and couldn't wait up for them...

Currently: All Suicides are IN! So glad I went out with a bang; I've been told #sls18 is some peoples' No.1 fav piece of mine. I like it cuz I beat everybody to the Why-Ying-Yang? party, including the esteemed second person to opine, @igEd. Writing #sls was always the most thrilling cuz the pressure was ridic.
Listening to: RADWIMPS cuz I won't be going to Japan any time soon...

Currently: Finally at Spring Break. Sleepiness is settling in, but gotta have this done today or bust.
Listening to: The Postal Service cuz it sounds so bittersweet.

Currently: Just finished scanning #zlm86. I showed the making of that comic to the kids I taught comics to at a local elementary school and they LOVED it! They were adorable about it, as only kids are.
Listening to: Kyosuke Himuro and Gerard Way cuz I like gang vocals.

^Thechnically Thursday^
\/Wactually Wednesday\/

Currently: So JE reqs I put on a gallery show for them to print books. Just confirmed dates. ANNOUNCING "I'm Uncomfortable and They're Making Me Do This," the mandatory JE gallery show for the collected comics of Reuxben, Sat/Sun ONLY. Don't expect anyone to show up cuz 1st, timing's horrible, and 2nd, nobody cares. But if you want to take a look, it's there. I'll include some ridic'ly special, stuff. I know you guys hate materializing, even using real names in comments. Me too. Honestly though, I would like to meet you guys...this thing's designed to entertain you/me, so if you have nothing better to do, please do stop by or write or something. It's lonely. I'm lonely.
Listening to: Cake cuz I want a girl with fingernails that shine like justice.

Currently: Just scanned in #zlm71! Meeeeeeeemories!! Funnily enough, I keep forgetting that kid's name! lulz.
Listening to: Reuben cuz its just screamy enough, which isn't easy.

Currently: I think some @JE guy mumbled "hey" to me while I was carting JE's supply of @Escape!s to the @JEnaggingTable. I'm only distant as a self defense mechanism; bas'ly, I always assume nobody's talking/listening to me. So if you want to randomly greet me, go for it, but could you please not make it so comically ambiguous as to whether you are coughing, moaning, or talking to me? Cuz I assume the worst. k thx bye.
Listening to: Reuben cuz it makes me think of Farnam for some reason.

Currently: Just distributed @ESCAPE! 2. Still a semester of ZLM to least I didn't get the art travel fellowship to Japan I was counting on to guide my post-college life. One less thing to worry about, y'know? SWEET!
Listening to: Reuben cuz I need a place to rest my bones.

Currently: FINAL SEMESTER! GO! Also @ESCAPE! 2 is OUT NOW! Get it!
Listening to: Reuben cuz it's just a kick in the mouth.

Currently: Just scanned one of my personal favorites, #zlmzr11. Ok, I'm going to take a dump. Nobody steal my computer.
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz it's been a good year, I've been a good little worker bee, and I deserve a gold star.

Currently: Just met with @mongoose for an inDesign tour. Also just broke 51. Officially approximately halfway done.
Listening to: Jimmy Eat World cuz the sweetness will not be concerned with me.

Currently: Whew. That went pretty well shoutout to JE dining hall staff for being excellent. Ok, well-fed, sorta well-slept, so let's cock-a-doodle-do this. Assistant still would be nice,'d get your name in the book...
Listening to: Tom Waits cuz man, he's pretty cool.

Currently: Overslept! Scared to go eat cuz some idiot's prolly gonna try to steal my computer. I always eat at Commons but that's a 14 minute round trip, and can't risk this computer. Must eat at JE, but it's always crowded, they take forever to make burgers, and the non-grill food is usu horrific...ugh.
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz I wanna ask you to the promenade.

Currently: All right, can't fight it anymore, gotta sleep. Sorry, progress. Must sleep...please wake me up, cell phone alarm clock...I fear I may have grown immune to you...
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz I wanna break dance with you.

Currently: Ok...roughly half way done! Just scanned #zlm41 so that plus the ~10 tweaks means ~51/111 ZLMs...I really hope I can get to the bonus material...I'm wondering if it'd be more effective to stop production, sleep, and then sprint to the finish or not to sleep but continue limping onward.
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz it feels like oxygen or wind.

Currently: May have dozed off for a tiny bit...but we're ~back in action...Just scanned the first Suicide that ever got cut #sls12...this'll be the first time it ever sees print!
Listening to: The Postal Service cuz I love their soft jams and how lonely they make me feel.

To Do:
Digitize specials
Hand off to Tyco
Do the Gallery Show
Distribute books
Get Money

Status Logs:
All Zero Like Me are digitized!
Tyco quote and deadline received
All comics treated, awaiting digitization
All comics inked
All pages are collected, numbered



Justin said...

Reuxben, How do I get a copy of the book?

Reuxben said...

Just email my art gmail with the copy request, I'll add you to my list, and then I'll notify you when the books come in. No need for Justin to email, of course.

-Obtaining your copy-
: I'll let you know when the books are in, after which you can pick up or I can deliver.

2011 or younger, or those at Yale in the fall: Pick up your copy in the JE Dean's office this fall. I'll send out a reminder.