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Take that, Harold Bloom!

Zero Like Me #102:
Stella Theory Pt.2: B.S. Comics [Pt.1 here]
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" and "Go Jeff!" in panel 1. "FB01" in Panel 3. "Choose Science at Yale" is an inside joke with my editor(s) re: a comic they aborted. Title's a ref to someone perhaps even more passive-aggressive than me. ...Moving on!

Fun Facts: Today's setting is the Comp Lit Department, where I must go on Friday to drop off my stupid, stupid theeesizzle.

Quick Note: Removal Rule Numbah One is we don't name names, but exception's made for today cuz first: only losers read the text on this site, and second: kinda need to for today's stories to make sense, and besides they're all public figures. Back to euphemisms and pronounage mode starting Wednesday.

In a Lit300 lecture last year, Professor Fry commented on one of the critics were were supposed to have read--skimmed it--and in regards to the critic's over the top, belligerent diction, Professor Fry chuckled to the class about how unnecessarily violent the guy's tone was, noting that the critic should have relaxed because literary criticism "doesn't really matter." BAM! Straight from the man himself.

Baa: This comic goes out to all them gangstas at 451 College Street, holdin' it down and keepin' it as far from real as possible. To be fair, Science Hillians will someday be learning how to augment humans so they can do things they naturally should have stopped doing a long time ago, and then innovating fun and tastier ways to abort babies. Which is the greater evil--not helping your fellow human, or helping too much?

But seriously...people are suffering, dying, etc. out there, and we're studying words? I feel like scum for being a literature major and having to sit through so much garbage with a straight face. I wouldn't have a problem with it if they were all as up front as Professor Fry about how literally meaningless and immaterial literary theory is, but so many of them try to act like this stuff matters. NOBODY is concretely benefiting from it. Period. Stop deluding yourself. It's a self-congratulatory mechanism devised by humans to admire their own stupid little human creations. It's studying entertainment. You are not saving somebody's life by teaching about signs and signifiers. It's a luxury. Granted, I enjoy fiction and hate reality, but still, at least share some guilt about your field and admit that when someone faints and they ask "Is there a doctor in the house?!" you keep your PhD on the DL.

I couldn't stand being in Lit300. Credit/D'd that spit. Literally fell asleep in nearly every single lecture. I avoid Professor Fry cuz he must surely remember the non-white guy who fell asleep every lecture (there were never more than like two dark-skinned people in the entire lecture hall at a time--where you at, Theo?).

So anyway, for those keeping score at home, my self-hatred exists socially, racially, institutionally, and now even academically, just to name a few.

Special Note on the YCC Election:

I despise the YCC, especially after working directly with them on this past Fall/Winter Show and seeing their cliquish, selfish, phony, uninformed, and lazy work style. But looking at the debate videos, and assuming the Presidency can actually execute as hyped, I'd have to say 8:00 of Part 3 (plus 2:47 of Part 4) kinda seals it that this guy knows what he's doing and has concrete, practical aims. He also comes off as having just enough insider knowledge of the YCC to know how to deal with them effectively, but balanced with a clear degree of cut-the-cute-talk mentality.

The other two either stumble over their words or aren't as set in concrete plans...they literally just want to "talk about" or "approach" stuff. I have nothing against the YDNer running aside from her lack luster performance in the debate, but I do know I'm sure as heck not voting for a guy who pats himself on the back for this, citing MGMT as a "great band that appeals to a lot of different types of people," or this, claiming in effect that the Ying Yang Twins, who "should get that late-night push," are not “particularly alienating," and contribute a "happy, upbeat feel." Yeah. Right.

My name is Reuxben, and I approve of abstaining from voting. But if you have to vote for someone, make it the guy who actually seems like he's not putting on a show. From personal experience, the least electrifying personality can be the most capable, especially when personality doesn't matter for the job. This isn't about personalities, this is about who can get stuff done, so don't be afraid to vote for the guy who isn't a caricature.

Good bye, Alexis Blight, you finally got your Revenge.


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