Friday, April 9, 2010


Based on a true story.

Zero Like Me #101:
Zero Romance #20:
His Words Destroyed My Planet
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Easter Eggs: Romance 20 on shirt. jack kelly is even worse than Jack Wills.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is jolly old JE, where many tragedies occur. Today's target is based on a composite of people.

Baa: In commemoration of the event that triggered this comic, every year around this time I update my status to say I'm "Cute Without the E," which is an obvious reference to being Cut From the Team. So this comic goes out not to any one person in particular.

Man, the Herald version isn't too flashy (I knew from the get go I was going to be pressed for time...)

Anyway, back to behind the scenes stuff... I was so thrilled when Motion City Soundtrack did a song called "Her Words Destroyed My Planet." I think I was in WLH waiting for Harold Bloom's class to start when they unveiled it on their website, actually. The reason I love that song is because it perfectly articulated what I've been struggling with for the past few years. So I was determined to do a comic after finally, clearly understanding the concept beyond an instinctual level.

If it weren't for certain happenings, I would not have had this push to do comics, and I have no idea what would have happened to me if I didn't have this outlet in the thick of it.

So although I may come off as a cynical turd, I'm actually pretty optimistic, and can see the bright side (and dark side) of most situations. For creative reasons I dwell on the parenthetical latter, but at heart I'm all about the former.

Anyway, to help celebrate the 100th/101st Zero Like Mes, I rallied up a lily-livered little fart named jack kelly to bust out some Herald action.

Hilariously, the little dork got cut because we needed another ad in the paper, but what makes me more furious than seeing him in print is seeing him online against his will.

So despite jack kelly's insistence that I not publish his comic on my site, just to tick him off, here is his comic, a Removal online exclusive called "conan twins," which looks like this:

Wow, wasn't that hilarious?

I didn't think so. Now beat it, kid, you bother me.


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