Friday, April 9, 2010


Not to be confused with this.

Zero Like Me Number One Hundred:
You Know How I Do
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is not SML after hours, inside a secret society's tomb, nor a naked party, it is the YDN's 2room (same diff, amirite?). Man, I kept smiling after I turned this one (hundredth) in. 100. Kind of ridiculous. I had no idea when I started this I'd hit anywhere near 100! I'm so incredulous right now. One hundred...that's at LEAST around 800 hours of my Yale/life! I only wish it could be a purely happy moment, but it's shadowed by something quite grim.

Baa: I'm actually starting to get a little emotional while working on these comics now...I've defined my Yale life with comics, and this series in particular has become a part of me, my very identity, especially to strangers--the other day someone spotted me working on this in the JE dining hall (how appropriate a studio site for the 100th gig) and immediately asked if it was for the next day's paper. This series is just so close to me. And it really disturbs me that it's all going to end soon, which then means Yale will end by extension, of course.

I was in the YDN building earlier Thursday and I found myself angry at the idea of soon never coming back in for work, being forever off the beat, meanwhile everyone I work for gets at least a couple more months of action next year before the board swaps again, as it invariably does. Even all my fellow practicing comicsers are all coming back--I'm the only senior still comicsing. So it's with sadness that I must quit but also with a hint of jealousy that everybody else still gets to throw down. They get to go back into battle.

It's like in Major Payne, where they take the guy out of the military, but he's just the same psycho in the cadet academy minus proper outlets for his way of life.
Anyway, to celebrate Zero Like Me's centennial (-_-) please enjoy some Root Beer I loaded up on from Uncommon (two varieties), which I will leave just outside of the JE dining hall on the nagging table before dinner starts (please try to limit yourself to just one). If the table's in use, plan B is the staircase leading to Branford's dining hall.

Stay tuned later today for a very unspecial guest from today's Herald post. Plus some bonus sketches this weekend as we party my dinosaur life away.


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