Friday, April 2, 2010


What kind of emotionally insecure idiot can't even stay serious for one minute when talking about his feelings?

Zero Like Me #96:
Fools March In Pt.3: Pretty
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 4. My main man, Harkeness Tower in the beegee.

Fun Facts: Thus concludes this year's YDN Comics April Fools' Week special--"Christmas in March." I hope you enjoyed everyone's Christmas-themed comics! And I hope YDN comicsers continue the tradition after I leave for a worse place. In case you missed the Yalebration, here is Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, and Day Five.

Baa: Did I ever tell you about my first kiss? Course I did...Hum...Oh, here's a story: In elementary school, I found out a couple girls liked me. They were the two most annoying girls in the class. Does that count as a story? Oh! Hey, there was this one time in like fourth grade when my school had its annual trip to CalSkate, the local rollerskating rink in my NorCal hometown, and a certain girl asked me to coupleskate with her, but I was too embarrassed, so I ran away...err, skated away.

You've Got Mail is so my favorite romantic comedy that it inspired my first proper Herald series, Darling Find. That series haunted me for a while because I thought I'd be a one hit wonder (it was received pretty well--I was working in Swing Space at like 3am when I first read that thread and I literally started jumping and shouting for joy--but nothing seemed to match its success). Fortunately ZLM (and SLS)'s doing pretty well--I went to a psych study the other day and it turned out the guy running it's a big fan! Hilarious!


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