Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yale life. Thug life. Is there really a difference?

Zero Like Me #95:
Fools March In Pt.2: Bust A Cap
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 4. Nyao's costume inspired by Winsor McCay's character Icicle from Little Nemo.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is a house on Whitney Avenue, en route to the elementary school I teach comics at. This comic was originally just a heist, but then this happened, and I realized it fit pretty nicely with the thievery theme.

Also, tune in to YDN comics all week so as to get your ho ho ho on!

Baa: As an opponent of frivolity and waste, I am not actually sure that a prize cap is a bad thing, but I do disagree with any sort of everybody's-equal treatment. If someone's outstanding at something, and they win a prize, it should not be a crime that they get something greater than runners-up. If a cap should exist, I would make it no less than $5k; 1k is kind of insulting in the big picture of grand prizes. Sure, five digits to one person is a bit excessive, but I can see how some people might actually need that money. But whatever, 1k is dinky. If you smoked everyone, you shouldn't be ripped off of presumably hard-earned money AND you most certainly shouldn't get fed a line by Yale.

As the resident not-rich person at Yale, I actually do have a healthy reverence for money. So if my reward is a net of zero, as it just gets swapped out for financial aid that would have been coming my way anyway, that is the insult to the injury--that's getting socks at Christmas--the point is to get something extraordinary, not something that was due you anyway.

The 1k cap is a rip off if your prize would have been even a cent greater. Yeah it's nice to get free stuff, but let's be honest, you just won a vacuum cleaner on the Price is Right when you could see the House/Car/Vacation package five steps away. You're this guy if he got paid in McDonalds coupons.


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