Monday, March 29, 2010


Zero Like Me #94:
Fools March In Pt.1: Booty
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Iron Giant and Magic card in panel 4.


Baa: I'm writing this at 4:23am Monday--just got back from my 8pm Sunday night heeling at the YDN. And in one night the YDN butchered anything the Herald has ever done as far as team building. Funnily, earlier Sunday at the Herald eboard meeting they used the word "cliquish" to sheepishly describe themselves as everyone bashfully chuckled in agreement, and, well, this night at the YDN sort of made everything really click.

After all these years, the Herald really does feel kinda like a certain group of people doing their own certain thing, but the YDN feels a bit more...I don't want to say "open," but less like a core clique, you know? Like, the Herald is what it would be like if Scene ran the YDN. That sounds idiotic I'm sure, because the two papers are basically the same thing with different skin, right? I dunno, I see the good and the bad about both set ups--vibes, let's say--depending on where you are in the arrangement or what you want out of it, but for my taste, I've never liked the feeling of "the cool kids"--that group that just outnumbers and outvotes anyone outside of the group--I've had to deal with that sort of set up since elementary school, so if I ever perceive hints of it, I get really disenchanted about whatever I'm lumped into with them. That's kinda the vibe I get from the Herald, not that I feel antagonistic about the paper, I just feel a resistance to get jazzed up about it because I sense that (negative-flavored) exclusive feeling. The Record is a good model of a happy medium (with positive-flavored exclusion)--it feels cliquish, but they put serious effort into making the clique be everyone at the Record, not just the gang running it. Am I making any sense? I don't have anything against the Herald, but it does indeed feel cliquish and Sunday's meeting clarified that, like finally hearing a song you've had stuck in your head after having forgotten the words. So I'm not bashing the Herald or anything, I'm just feeling reflective, as seniors should.

So take it from someone who swings both ways, the YDN is like me-and-my-team-are-doing-something-neat, but the Herald's more me-and-my-friends-are-doing-something-neat. For team building, the Herald just shoves booze in your face--I don't drink, so perhaps if I did I'd feel more gung-ho about more than just the comics section? Then again, if I drank, I'd prolly stop drawing cuz you get chummy when you drink, and that's not how you do comics. So...yeah. I have a new respect for the YDN people: I could not pretend to give a poop long enough every day about so many things I would find not poop-giveable. And yet they do. Troopers, dude. Pooper troopers.

Anyway, I got a comic out of the heeling experience, so I hope I can run it next week (hopes are not high it will survive the pitch...haha). Also, I am apparently an excellent hat maker. Take that, MacGyver.

Ok, tune in to YDN comics everyday this week!

Final art coming soon...


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