Monday, March 8, 2010


The Tokyo Werewolf recommended this movie and with Spring Break finally comes a chance to see it, so earlier today I went to the Film Center and checked out Linda Linda Linda, a title that evoked a chuckle from the clerk lady.

So this is a drawing of Kei, the cool girl in the band. I loved the scene when they go to StudioQ for the first time to practice and the Ex-Boyfriend helps out and they are still kinda fussy around each other in a charming way.

But I have to agree with the Werewolf that Son (the Whit's Viz-translated version of her name) kinda steals the show. Seeing Son struggle with the language and yet still kinda instinctually communicate was pretty endearing, plus there's the irony of her being the lead vocalist of the band despite being the weakest in the language, which was a cool sort of underdog-becomes-cool thing. The kokuhaku scene where she doesn't quite understand that the boy is confessing his love to her at first and then has to figure out how to gently tell him she's not interested was hilarious, precious, uncomfortable, and wonderful.

The Film Center closes for the rest of break on Wednesday, so I only get two more movie days...


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