Thursday, March 4, 2010


What kind of idiotic name is "football" for this "sport," anyway?

Zero Like Me #88
Zero Romance #17:
Shirt Show
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Easter Eggs: Romance 17 on building, curious Post-It note on wall. Some city elements inspired by the profile photo of The Ivy League, a great band that broke up.

Fun Facts: They were talking about soccer jerseys in my Icons and Material Culture class Tuesday, coincidentally, but this comic was inspired when I saw someone wearing an AIG United outfit on Beinecke Plaza and I just started laughing when I thought of Z's lines.

I often break out laughing based on hypothetical conversations and adventures I have with people I see on the street (before I turn those hypos into comics) so needless to say, I have difficulty remaining serious around certain people.

Baa: I got a little excited about soccer when I caught a couple games on TV during the last Global Glass, but it's just too much Oh! So close! moments with hardly anything actually happening. And there's hardly any drama: you know a team's not making a miraculous comeback at a certain point.

My favorite memory is when this Chilean dude who lived across from me Freshman Year was in our suite one day raving about a game he saw where one team "slaughtered" the other. Unimpressed, I asked, "Really? What was the score?" His spirits dropped in defeat, "1-0." Pwnd.

Soccer sucks. It's all about baseball, what what?



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