Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just cuz you don't like it doesn't mean it's not quality entertainment, jerk.

Zero Like Me #91:
Running On MGMT
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" spelled in the rain across all four panels.

Fun Facts: If you ever want to tick off the Herald, just insult or reject their musical tastes! Did you know it's illegal to play music in the Herald office that's from a living artist unless it's an act that does not deserve to be living, or it's an act that's only nominally classified as living since they are geezers whose prime was no less than four decades ago? It's true!

Baa: Seriously, what the crack is up with Spring Fling? More rap heavy stupidity, and the rock is of the unbearable hipster variety. I've been wondering why MGMT reeks of hipster, and I figured out what that means--basically it's an acquired taste that is more grating than enjoyable, at least until you learn to enjoy the searing pain (and not the good kind). Although RADWIMPS is clearly not going to happen, I would think Motion City would be plausible--they played Toad's last year and although they just got signed to major label Columbia Records, they did just play a janky college gig the other day, so they're clearly still accessible.

Motion City is probably my favorite band right now, since MCR has been in hiding for so long. If you don't know how they rock, this, this, this, and this are wonderful studio and live introductions.

The third panel kinda sums the problem I have with more than just Yalies, but my entire generation. When did everyone stop stepping back and examining what they're doing/supporting/etc.? I was in New York yesterday and during the car ride, everyone was bopping and singing along to some of the most awful, hollow music I've ever heard--yeah, mostly rap, but there was also that USA song by that ridiculous hillbilly girl. My gosh, I felt like I was back in the Herald office, except this time I was wedged between a car window and a dancing human being.

I wanna do a comic on my hatred of hipsters. I wouldn't have a problem with them if they didn't rule/ruin everything.


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