Monday, March 22, 2010


What kind of loser-freak nerd actually camps out to be the very first person to swipe at Commons after every break ends?!!

Zero Like Me #90:
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1, Yakitate!! Japan reference in panel 2.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is my favorite hangout: Commons. Also, my laptop's screen's dead it seems, so this is my very first post done completely on a cluster computer (a disgusting Mac, of all things) which is embarrassing not only because I am so militantly anti-Mac, yet must be seen in public using one) but also because I feel like an idiot having a "blog" (I call it a website so I don't feel too grimy about it)

Baa: Break was kind of ridiculous. I started drawing on this site called, became a featured artist, got a commission from the CEO, met one of my hero's bandmate, and also got swamped with gigs!

If you are visiting from Fiverr, please read this information about ordering. I will not be able to get to you for several weeks or longer, so please try not to ask for time-sensitive projects unless you commission me as a freelance artist, which is to say, not as a Fiverr artist.

Other neat things...I got an article in the YDN...kinda. Aren't you proud of me, Mom? Am I a legitimate part of the newspaper in your eyes now?

Probably the biggest Neat News from break, I started volunteering with the Yale Splatter Program to teach 5th graders how to comics! Last Friday I even brought in a making-of demo and blew their minds...Haha! They're so nice! They have no idea what social anxiety is yet (I feel like Jhonen Vazquez when Nickelodeon approved Invader Zim)! And it's so bizarre for me: my whole perception of kids has been shaped by comics and animation about young people going on amazing adventures, but now that I'm actually back amongst the younglings, I keep cracking up at how hilarious it would be if say Ash were like a real 10 year old. Each episode would take like 4 hours, it'd all be dialogue, and every question would end up being a very, very long declarative sentence. They rock--don't get me wrong!--but they're hilarious like that.


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