Monday, March 1, 2010


And now for something completely different.

Zero Like Me #86:
Suicidal Squirrel Shenanigans
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 2.

Fun Facts: This comic is inspired by a song by Yale's master of pathos. I feel like he is severely underrated at Yale; but I guess that makes him cooler, right? Like a secret underground kinda thing? Anyway, this guy rocks; you can keep your Michael Jackson cover artists, thank you very much (not that I don't like a fine cover). Today's title is inspired by the original comic of Yale's master of surprises. She is easily my choice for MVP of everything.

Baa: I saw the Crayon this Saturday, solid fun. Total buzzkill, though, cuz sitting right behind me was a gang of Ex!ts in matching little jackets, and as I was getting up to leave, I heard one nearly spit, "That was pretty funny," like he was appraising them, throwing them a bone. He said it like how the Nonchalant Super Cool Kid in the teeny-bopper movie reluctantly pays the Loser Main Character Kid a compliment (being careful to direct the comment towards his Henchman Kid, rather than the Loser Main Character Kid himself) after the Loser Main Character Kid just finished undeniably amazing the gymnasium full of hooting and hollering Extra Kids.

I'm telling you, the Crayon and Ex!t need to throw down in a series of one-on-one knife fights while non-combatant members snap their fingers rhythmically. I hated having to miss the two groups go head to head last year, but I heard the Crayon won, so all's well. I see Ex!t/Crayon as the Harvard/Yale of Yale improv; I guess I don't like Ex!t cuz they're sorta just...Harvard. The Crayon's totally Yale, though: scrappier and underdoggier, but awesomer. I guess that means JAW is Princeton! Haha. Sorry, Princeton!

I also gave sketch comedy a shot this weekend after someone requested I check out their group, Fifth Humor...wasn't that crazy about it, but they certainly nuked Red Hot Poker as advertized. I think I'll stick with crayons, though...they're the safe bet.

UPDATE: Ah! I completely forgot--Thanks Mr. Anonymous--yes, this song inspired the comic: how would I handle the subject matter?, but I decided to go all out and actually make them squirrels in homage to the "Sword in the Stone," because that was the first animated movie to make me want to cry. I couldn't understand why, but when I was little I always got really, really sad when Arthur rejected that squirrel girl. So yes, brilliant eye, dude. I can't believe I forgot--I wrote a little note to myself right there on the comic, too...



Anonymous said...

is this based on the squirrel sequence from The Sword in the Stone?

Reuxben said...

Ah! I totally forgot to mention it, but, the answer is semi-yes. I've updated the post with more on that.