Friday, March 19, 2010


A drawing for Fiverr.

I'm totally booked on gigs!
If you would still like a drawing, please understand there will be a long wait time.

To reserve a spot on my wait list, please send me a message over Fiverr with "ARCHIVE ___" in the subject heading and fill in the blank with your Fiverr name (and please include details on your picture in the message part of the note). This way I will know to keep your letter UNREAD so I can archive it and get back to you when my schedule frees up. I will reply with a confirmation that you're on my list, but please accept my apologies if I do not respond as promptly as usual--I am a full-time student before a Fiverr artist [update: now a busy graduate].

Last updated Jan. 2011.

The intended scope of the "gig" is a "nice, little drawing."

One person (approximately chest and up) or general figure per gig, shades are an additional gig, backgrounds are an additional gig, full bodies are an additional gig. Color is an additional gig per each preceding item. We can combine multiple gigs.

I send files via Fiverr mail as jpegs, unless notified otherwise. I can now snail mail originals via Fiverr shipping. The pictures are roughly the size of my hand and 1.2MB. I must be able to put the image on my site--see my samples.

Please have clear instructions for me when you Fiverr-mail a request. If there is a photo reference, attach it via Fiverr mail as a JPEG, please.

If outside the scope of the gig, or if you do not want to wait as long, I do take official freelance work via gmail.

Thank you for your support and patience!


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