Friday, April 23, 2010


And now the big coming out announcement: I am a hipster.


You see, I did a three piece gig for Scene. Yes, Scene. I feel like I should feel guilty...I am the enemy of all things hipster, right? Yet here I am not only contributing, but doing the cover, right in the thick of enemy territory! AND as a result I couldn't bring the final Herald comic of my life to its full potential for print. Sounds all around horrific, but turns out this was a highlight of my Yale/life and a heck of a way to wind my year down (not that we're done yet!)

It was a lot of fun, the early reviews were quite positive, and the Scene crew is comprised of some of the best people at Yale, and thus by extension, on Earth. So everything's coming up Milhouse. The only real downside is that I was/am exhausted from squeezing this cover plus two interiors into my regular schedule...more on why being exhausted is bad when the Herald Comic post pops up later today...

So the cover is the Woolsey-esque Radcliffe Camera at Oxford. I got into this foreign entanglement after a couple of the Scene editors stopped me in the YDN office and tag-team proposed I do a cover. They mentioned there was some sort of British one in the works, so I thought it would be good times since that first Scene editor is British...or Greek...or Switzerlandese...or something.

Anyway, both eds were ridiculously nice people and I had a lot of fun marathoning this after sprinting to get my Friday comic turned in a record 24 hours earlier and then immediately gunning the cover (huge thanks to Stavros for the insanely nice paper!!) and as a result, my entire arm was shot with piercing pain, and that was just after finishing the cover! I still had these two interiors to do as well and then my Herald finale, and I was already an hour behind the YDN deadline!

Anyway it all seemed to work out in the end, and I cannot believe I pulled off this YDN assignment! Unfortunately I had to rely on Monster, which is something I really, really, really don't like to do cuz it jacks up your sleep pattern.

Final Art Coming Soon. Also, Fun Facts: this is the biggest drawing I've ever done for publication--I had to scan it in pieces, but since it was just the pencils and time was of the ess, I rushed the stitching. And I also had to fight my OCD desires and not use a ruler...ugh. Well, ok, I used it on the guitar.

So huge thanks to Nicolas (Easter Egg'd "thx Stavros" in grass, plus random Britishisms), Jay, and Harrison for all their support and/or patience during this endeavor and thanks to the Paul for the hall pass from Wednesday's activities and the extension. And big bonus thanks to Scene for the absolutely heartwarming salute on page 2! Gosh...!

Baa: I'm trying to be more accessible before graduation, so if you'd like a drawing, please contact me and I would prolly be happy to do it. My Good-Will Slash Dining Hall Farewell World tour continues with Saybrook for dinner, where I will be drawing the final regular edition of Zero Like Me (the big finale is a bit specialer in format and will run Thursday).


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