Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Head over to Compton wearing nothing but a Confederate flag and a smile, it's Sick Little Suicide #18, "Modern Minstrels," in which I talk about old new news.

It's like a dream come true for Yalies who hate blacks, women, and black women--we finally get to cut loose and chant along to art, right in the face of female and/or black members of the Yale student body! Sweet!

Easter Eggs: The Herald, Volume, and Scene, the bastions of hipsterdom at Yale...also "yuck" in the paper and "Rifle" on the other paper...just for kicks. Hipster overload!

Fun Facts: I heard my first white guy N-bomb a black guy this year. It was actually kinda intense. Apparently the black guy's cool with it--it's like his nickname or something.

Baa: I saw a play last month called "Race" for Culture Draw where a white guy dropped N-bombs in front of his black college friend and he was cool with it, but then decades later the black friend volunteers all this dooming evidence on his old friend when the white guy is on trial for outrage against a black woman. Zing!

Also, why on Earth are these idiots relevant, in demand, and contracted? I hate you hipsters. I also hate the YCC. That is all.


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