Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Maybe if it was from smoking, it would be easier on Mom.

Zero Like Me #107:
Bill Burr
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Easter Eggs: DF, "Yale" in panel 4.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is just outside of 'Nam. It's named for a comedian I admire who likes to do stuff just to annoy people and who can talk about suicide like nobody else can. I wrote this comic back in February, as a bit of a sequel to this comic, spurred by the unimaginative, concerned citizen here. I get the impression that people think I just write stuff on the fly (I at times do write close to press, but even when it's "timely," sometimes it's only because I update an old script, which I already had ready, with a contemporary reference. But I sometimes use scripts I literally wrote a full year ago. And even if I'm writing close to press, chances are the concept has been in storage a while.

Anyway, my editors wanted to kill this comic, thinking the worst after recent events (fun fact, the paper I drew this comic on had the beginnings of another, similarly themed comic that was given the editorial verdict "absolutely not" and thus that comic was abandoned in the middle of my drawing the Women's Center...). But in any case, today's comic's script hasn't been touched since February. So I'm not preemptively apologizing for this comic since I firmly believe in it, but I do want to acknowledge that people may misconstrue it (don't let me down, guyz!).

Baa: The takeaway here is to stop tolerating smoking. Like, now.

And as hinted earlier, Friday's gonna get freaky...and I just might blow your mind when I drop some fresh knowledge on you. Just sayin'.


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