Friday, April 23, 2010


You get what you pay for, I guess.

[Update: Final art up top.]

Zero Like Me #109:
Zero Romance #22:
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-First Comic-

Easter Eggs: Romance 22 on sleeve.

Fun Facts: More than being extremely exhausted from marathoning these YDN assignments plus the regular one over the previous 48 hours, I was also in a huge amount of pain. My arm was absolutely shot. I've even got a blister, so I was drawing literally at blistering speed! So I understood there was no way to get this comic to its full completion in time for press, so I tried to think of creative alternatives, including just having the dialogue bubbles, but no pictures...anyway, this is the result, the final Herald comic of my life.

Baa: I really wanted to feel something turning in this final comic, but I didn't and that weirds me the poop out. I remember really feeling it when I turned in the final installment of Darling Find. But this one's a special case for a couple reasons. First I was physically and mentally exhausted from being up for a couple days drawing, so my capacity to really be conscious of myself was a bit deprived (I don't drink but I get "drunk" when I'm short on sleep, so I relax out considerably). Second, the series isn't done, still got Monday and Thursday. The third reason, I believe might be because the comic doesn't feel finished since it's basically still a thumbnail sketch. But I know I will start feeling it Thursday when I realize that the screaming voice in my head is gone forever, never again to shout "It's Herald Day, get moving!"

Anyway, you didn't hear it from me, but jack kelly got a little choked up (only briefly) doing his finale, a two parter(!) called "representation," found here:

And "thanks," which looks like this:

So there you have it. Herald's done forever. (Final Art Coming Soon, though...?)

Finally, this semester's Thanks section: Emily and Jinjin, for their tolerance and/or help.
And then Special Thanks across the years: Mr. Kato, Mr. Chittenden, Mr. Kanter, Laura Y., Laura B., Cassandra, A. Kaufman, Bonner, Kirk, Joe, the random people who talk to me in the streets who's names I don't even know, and all the people I've inconvenienced at 305 Crown.

In other news...I'm Sudlering a book collection of my comics. They're only printing 50, and about 25+ are already reserved, so if you want one for sure, Ishmael me or get to the JE gallery show they're making me do. If you don't know what I look like, I will be the only one there, and I will be trying to avoid eye contact with my reflection by staring at things on the ground. Further details coming extremely soon.

My dining hall bucket list is about to conclude Saturday: Trumbull dinner/drawing sesh. What an achievement!


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