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Notable Quotable: [5:44am] this book might not happen if prep takes 2 long...srsly, wanna assist? plz email!

This is a doodle of Frankie Paupunk from Quarters Crisis. Remember her? Course you don't--this is leftover art from 9/1/08!

Anyway, since I don't have the Twitter (I'm not sure if it's even worth getting at this point since I'm no longer relevant to Yale and not yet to the World), I'll use this post to keep track of updates on the collected comics book, which is Coming Soon(TM). So...

Currently: Just finished scanning in ZLM35, infamous to me personally because it started a rift that I refuse to believe is mended. I know how stuff can sit in the back of your mind no matter how much you assure someone it's resolved. So eternal apologies for the misunderstanding on 35...
Listening to: Reuben cuz their soothing and loud songs both deliver.

Currently: Now scanning one of my most famous comics, the infamous Fulmer Nelson, technically my second censored comic (and right while the YDN was jeering the Yale Press for censoring the Mohammad comics). Fulmer Nelson and its censored post have now been restored. Take notes Rumpus, if you even still exist, that's how comics is done; don't try to second guess me on how to do my job, thanks.
Listening to: New Found Glory cuz that cover'll pick you right up cuz I want to pass out right about now, but one of those MS-Word-on-the-Scanning-Computer chumps is eying me like a hawk...

Currently: ~1/3 done! Suspect books'll be in Sunday. Frustrating you guys are bas'lly all anony, so I've no idea who's even into my work til we meet face to face (I reserved copies for fans I've met, with remaining books going to reservers, and then dropping a few at dining halls. Thought my main audience = 2010, but come to think of it, most I meet are guys move out ~12th?...ugh...
Listening to: Jimmy Eat World cuz I can't get enough of 23. I'm so hungry and

Currently: Finished semester two of ZLM! It only gets harder because I started going twice a week the next semester, then 4x in the final semester! This is actually kinda fun, revisiting these and taking the journey this what it was like for you strangers to read the random little bottled messages I sent out all these years?
Listening to: The Postal Service cuz I love that song and that singer is absolutely haunting.

Currently:, now entering the pass out at any moment stage...fortunately you don't have to be too alert for scanning, or at least I know exactly what I'm doing so it's kinda automatic. Up to ZLM17.
Listening to: Reuben cuz need to stay awake.

Currently: Looks like I've reached the point where I'm too tired to sleep...mild hallucinating has set in (these cool little worm things) entering my prolific Suicide phase; that was some action, man. Gosh, I hate being out of the game.
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cover cuz nobody does a cover like MCS.

Currently: Brunch...hopefully that will recharge tired...10 ZLMs down, 101 to go?! Not really, but sounds dramatic if I ignore the tweaks I've already scanned...sigh.
Listening to: Jimmy Eat World cuz Theo has no idea what he's talking about.

Currently: Just fin'd semester 1 of ZLM, 3 more 2 go (and with every semester usu comes an increase in comics--I started Tuesdays, then Weds, then MW, then MWF/F! Gauntlet above: left's to scan, right's scanned.
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz they're great to rest/wring your eyes to!

Currently: Aww, man the tiredness is starting to set in, eyes feel heavy...but on the +side...ZLM6 just made me lol.'s weird. I love how anyone, even the artist who made it, can enjoy visual art.
Listening to: RADWIMPS cuz their fast/rock-y songs are the best, but their slower songs are hit or miss.

Currently: Done with the first 3 comics plus pilots and even some bonus material! Seeing this old stuff is cool cuz it's been so long I can now read it like it's new plus I get to see how far I've come artwise.
Listening to: The Postal Service cuz, well, take a look at me now.

Currently: Finished all tweaked rescanning the remaining doods...21 pieces down about 150 to go. Just like pogeymanz!
Listening to: Cake cuz perhaps (x3) this book might not happen if prep takes 2 long...srsly, wanna assist? plz email!

Currently: Wow--coincidentally digitizing ZLM4 now (4=Death in Japanese). Spotted this doodle below the comic...N started out way more violent (beheaded a dude in my early scripts). Feel like they'd never let me go where @thejinjin goes...
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz coincidentally the song's called "Even If It Kills Me."

Currently: Digitizing the uncut (oooh) version of my first major controversial piece--Show Me Ya Moves (original post is now RESTORED). I feel dangerous. Someone get me a leather jacket and a 45-degree neck-crane.
Listening to: Arctic Monkeys cuz they are all about the ASBO.

Currently: Still not even done scanning the tweaked comics but already discovered I've passed out!! BEHIND SCHEDULE!! (I got up pretty early Monday...)
Listening to: Bloc Party cuz they make me think of freshness, usually, especially this track.

Currently: 8 comics scanned...about 162 more things left to scan...this is going to take forever...send help...
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz if you had to bet, MCS would be a good one.


Currently: All right...first one digitized is 106: Election! Keepin' it classy...
Listening to: RADWIMPS cuz I'm back on my trusty scanning JE Mac.

Currently: Everything's inked, tweaked, and stacked!! Scanning time!! When will it end? That stack is HUGE!
Listening to: Arctic Monkeys cuz man, that gets you going.

Currently: Two more tweaks and then we scan!! Aforementioned idiot exited my windows, so now I have to refind all my youchoob music...jerk.
Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack cuz it's never not a good idea.

Currently: Back from dinner and now some idiot using GMAIL is on the scanning computer. How did these lovelies get into Yale?
Listening to: Taking Back Sunday cuz I know exactly what goes on.

Currently: Oh man, working on ZLMZR 10 and I just received an email about the senior photo the very moment Taking Back Sunday hit the best part of "You Know How I Do." I need to stop narrating and relating my life through music...makes as much sense as living by horoscopes.
Listening to: Taking Back Sunday cuz we WILL stand for hazy eyes.

Currently: Only a couple more comics before scanning marathon...wish I had an assistant...or at least a Nyao.
Listening to: Reuben cuz I need to rock.

Currently: Tweaking ZLMZR16 and chuckling because for those who have asked about the ZLM finale, this comic is the most concretely all-answering; ironically it's all a dream! And now that comics's over, I have no more need for pursuing uncomfortable situations, so...screw the senior dinner.
Listening to: The Roots cuz I need rock and roll.

Currently: Just tweaked a bunch of comics still a couple left including a bigger update ZLMZR10 and got what I hope is the final version of the Escape! file off to the printers thanks to the indispensable @thejinjin, but it's chaotic.
Listening to: At the Drive-In cuz weren't you listening? It's chaotic!

Currently: Just got back my final project for Literature for Young People--a comic version/reimagining of the Wizard of Oz--and finished updating a bunch of comics, still a bunch to go, cuz some ABSENT gentleman is hoggin' the DESKTOP PUBLISHING computer while only using MICROSOFT WORD.
Listening to: Reuben cuz we out of work geniuses need to stick together!

Currently: Finished updating SLS 8 Rip, now brunch then meeting with Tycho, then back to tweaking cuz some gentleman is hoggin' the DESKTOP PUBLISHING computer with MICROSOFT WORD.
Listening to: Cake cuz aww, man, that's smooth.

Currently: Finished updating ZLM 23 Perdedor, now tweaking SLS 8 Rip cuz some gentleman is hoggin' the DESKTOP PUBLISHING computer with MICROSOFT WORD.
Listening to: Two Tongues cover cuz she sings like @thejinjin draws.

Currently: Tweaking old comics cuz some gentleman is hoggin' the DESKTOP PUBLISHING computer with MICROSOFT WORD.
Listening to: The Roots cuz if I got beef wit you, you the last one to know.

Currently: Revamping old comics
Listening to: Arctic Monkeys AND some annoying guy coughing literally every 10 seconds AND who is on the ONLY desktop publishing computer in JE yet is only using MICROSOFT WORD.

To Do
Digitize files
Hand off to Tyco
Do the Gallery Show(?)
Get Money

Status Logs:
Tyco quote and deadline received
All comics treated, awaiting digitization
All comics inked
All pages are collected, numbered


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