Friday, May 28, 2010


After hiding out in JE an extra day after a last minute flight-fiasco, I'm back in California, Internet's up, and I'm somewhat sad to announce that my book has SOLD OUT. Technically I just run out of copies, I haven't sold out of copies--it's a free Sudler-funded book after all. So if you didn't get a copy (or my word that you will receive yours in the fall), tough luck, buddy, that's it (sorry, Mom!).

Anyway, now that I'm in Yale-retirement and have the rest of my life to "look forward" to, I'm thinking of how to spend the rest of my days. It's weird. My first time waking up in California since Winter Break was this past Thursday, and it started to sink in that I was always just visiting Yale; I was never a resident. It's like it was only a dream. which I just now woke from, like it never really happened.

Ok, so I'll be posting the exclusive recolorings and some of the printings hitherto only available in my book, the first (cough) of which was actually featured last time, but this is the first color job, a revamp of one of my very first pieces ever for the Penny Dreadful.

I made a To Do list on the plane, and here's a bit of it:
-Lose weight, maybe via exercise for a change?
-Re-read my Animorphs collection
-(Re)-read the Everworld Series
-Clear my Fiverr Waitlist
-Project DF
-Project SHS
-Project BRB
-Project ZLM:A

So now we get to see who the real fans are, since Yale's been done for a while now, and now it's just me and you, Removal. None of those pesky fair-weather fans. And heaps of Animorphs to tear through (I've got books 1-39, 3 Megamorphs, all the Chronicles books, an Alternamophs, and even the "Meet the Stars of Animorphs" book about the TV show...). Removal book club, anyone? Animorphs #2, you're up next, kid.


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Anonymous said...

I'm still around, Reuben. I'm a true fan.