Monday, September 7, 2009


I hate the word "blog" and I hate the idea of having one, especially making more than one post a day, as if anyone gives a poop what you have to say. I justify having this site because it's never been about the words, it's been about the art: I'm providing a (study) break for people to check out some drawings with no expectation that anyone actually reads the text, that way the only time people lose is the time it takes to look at a picture, which isn't a lot.

So I don't want this site to be any more than me telling stories about the art, and since I'm going to be booked up for the foreseeable future with running published work on Fridays, Mondays, and Wednesdays, there will be no room for "Fun" posts any more. I don't want to post on more days, so I'll just throw in Fun posts now and then.

Which brings us to Yale-a-Palooza 2, which changed its name to something else this year. Anyway, it was yesterday, and I camped out for as much of it as possible while drawing today's ZLM, but also sketching some of the artists during breaks.

Up first, pictured above, is the front man for The Rollover Motive. He debuted two new songs and something of a 'fro. The song about Dan was particularly wonderful. He played BS, too, which was incredible! Excellent set all around! To my dismay, I've never been able to sketch him in action very well, but this one's an improvement, kinda.

The only other drawing worth sharing is this one, of (former?) co-front man of Rifle. I gave it an honest effort, but...well, it was very tough to get into the set, although his on-stage antics were entertaining. He's got quite a unique voice, almost like Beast Boy from Teen Titans, which is pretty cool, but I get a heavy Bob Dylan sorta vibe from him, and I can't stand Bob Dylan (or the Beatles, or Bruce Springsteen--which apparently means we're supposed to go to fisticuffs, according to his Herald A&E review of Springsteen's last album; you are un-American, sir). I've been waiting to use this pun for a while, so here it goes: after hoping for an improvement from the last time I saw him perform, I was bummed to find it was more of the same old spiel. Boom!

Anyway, highlights include a former Sandy Gill Affair member performing a massive expansion on the great Jake Pop Medley, meanwhile debuting some much stronger pipes on the recently solo artist. Suitcase of Keys also put on a fine show, although I didn't really feel that usual kick from my favorite track of theirs, "Fallen Leaves," when the bass picks up. Still a lot of fun.

Finally, I was bummed Laura Z. didn't play. I wanted to make up for last time, so I was getting ready to draw a real nice sketch of her playing, so that I could present it to her after the show, but she ended up not hitting the stage, unfortunately.

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